Our Corporate Identity Makeover

We decided it is a time for some fresh WIND!

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And that is exactly why we were research for new design style and developed new … Since we are a company in which a lot happens every day, the desire for a clean and timeless design was great. It should be something that is calm, fresh and friendly.

It was a clear challenge and incentive to find, consider our large range of brands, the right corporate identity concept which meets all requirements.

After a lot of attempts later we agreed. This should be our new CI color:

From now on,
UNITED BRANDS corporate color is a beautiful shade of gray,
blue and green
– in the Pantone language,
the so-called

“jade side”.

A clean color that is not
only tranquilizing
to the eye,
but very modern
and at the same time timeless.

“Jadeite or Jade stands for – purity, gentleness and love!”

The new UB logo combined with the new color highlights the present, it is modern, yet restrained in look.

The lively design brought a certain freshness both to our print media and to our online presence. Altogether, the rebranding reflects friendliness and above all open-mindedness, which fits our company mentality. To carry this mentality outward was our goal.