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Klondike 1896

Our uncompromising love for leather is based on the very special properties of the material. Leather has long lasting life,
it has character and heart and deserves to be treated with the utmost care and appreciation.

Klondike 1896 Handbags – Guaranteed a lifetime of pleasure in leather!

Our leather is rawhide of Indian cattle.
Klondike careful attention to whole process of production starts with experienced specialists on site. That is why we chose only farms which are BSCI certified.
The individual processing steps are subject to the range of regulation, compliance which is constantly monitored.
Our employees are trained in the leather industry professionals and dedicate themselves in respectful manual work to this wonderful material.
This makes each piece unique with its own history.
A story that shows itself in the individual nature of the surface, in the complexity of the color variations and in its incomparable fragrance. This what makes our handmade leather Handbag – perfect in its imperfection.

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Leather Handbags for WOMEN
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Leather Purses for WOMEN
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Leather Purses for MEN
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Leather Handbags for MEN
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Leather Handbags for MEN

From the 19th Century to 2019


In 1896 history is written in Canada.
Thousands of people are on their way
at the foot of the Klondike River, in the remote Yukon Valley, Canada,
to experience one of the last big gold fever ‘rash’ of our time.
Unbearable thirst for adventure, uncompromising and courage describes the special Spirit of that great event. Exactly this spirit inspired our traditional craft design, which is reflected in each of our collections.
Today YOU write the history.
Put your smartphone down and embark on an adventurous search for real life with Klondike 1896.

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