Our Company

In 1978, our current CEO and managing partner René Häusser,
founded the then René Häusser e.K. in the hessian city of Hanau.
Häusser Europe OHG, which was renamed in the meantime to finally become
the corporation of UNITED BRANDS 24 GmbH in 2015.


United Brands is more than just a company name.
This not only brings diversity the range
of our prestigious licensed and private labels
in a nutshell, but rather is also an expression
of our corporate philosophy.
A fair and cooperative relationship to our employees,
to our trading partners, to our service providers and,
last but not least,
to our suppliers and producers
is an entrepreneurial imperative for us.

Our Mission

High quality leather goods, luggage and accessories without compromise.
Transparency, continuity and trust through
sustainable process control from a single source.
Design, product development, production,
sales and service
are 100% the sole responsibility of our company.
Each of our individual brands is consistently looked
after from our headquarters in Hanau
and at the respective local production sites.
As a company, we hold our responsibility
to the environment.
Moreover, we are very much aware of consumers around the world and are able align our actions accordingly.

Our Vision

As a partner of German and international trade,
we are able successfully develop brand
and private label concepts.
We are diversified as a company.
Therefore, we find solutions, starting from any point
of a business relation.
Our major distribution channels are in the fields of leather goods and textile retail, department store,
wholesale and retail, online trading
as well as premium trading and TV shopping.

united brands, rene haeusser

René Häusser

Managing Partner I CEO


united brands, manuela haeusser

Manuela Häusser

Managing Partner I CHRO


united brands, frank roesner

Frank Rösner

Managing Partner I CSO


Our Team

People who make it possible!

Behind every idea and product are people,
and without a good Team it would have not been possible
to achieve all our successes.
We, as United Brands, are an open minded, creative, strategic,
hardworking… and family company.
We are a company where you can share every idea with Colleagues. Therefore, we all feel an essential part
of every single project.
Here is a brief insight into our management.