United Brands goes SOCIAL MEDIA

klondike 1896, leather shoulder bag, dark brown

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of change at United Brands. Not only our website has got a new look, we are now also present on several social media channels!

Nowadays, social media is no longer indispensable in everyday life, especially platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. are also important for companies to market, of course we could not ignore that.

The last few weeks have been filled with photo shoots and preparing posts for all our channels, so here’s a little insight into the work of our new social media and marketing team. Since April our team is complete, and we were finally able to start with our photo shootings.

“First Stop Cologne”

So far, three shootings have taken place, we started in the Supercandymuseum. A former printing house in Cologne was redesigned for a certain time for the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum, with different installations and room layouts. A big hype for Instagram fans, which of course our bags and suitcases could not miss.

„Next Stop Rheingau“

Our shootings were, as well as our brands and articles, varied. After our indoor shoot, we also ventured into pure nature. Our destination – the “Niederwalddenkmal” in Rüdesheim. The perfect place and atmosphere just for our brand Klondike 1896.

„Last Stop Frankfurt“

In search of inspiration and stories of everyday life, we decided to join the crowd and travel to the center of Frankfurt. Always accompanied by our brands.

Even after days of planning and weather controls our shootings were always good for a surprise. External influences also caused one or two problems that had to be overcome, such as unfavorable weather conditions or the crowds of Frankfurt.

Despite these hurdles, our team was able to shoot some photos for our social media channels, which will gradually be seen on our Instagram account, our Facebook page and probably our Pinterest page.

The previous shootings were mainly there to convey our brand diversity here at United Brands, in Frankfurt, therefore, the urban background was used mainly for the brands bugatti and HEAD.

For our brand Klondike a natural background was used rather. In the Supercandymuseum in Cologne there was no special brand that was photographed, but especially Hucke Berlin, Traveler and Tamaris dominated the location.

As social media proves, images speak more than text and words – so you are welcome to browse our channels and get a first impression of our work!

Our Corporate Identity Makeover

We decided it is a time for some fresh WIND!

united brands, united brands logo rebranding, behind united brands logo

And that is exactly why we were research for new design style and developed new … Since we are a company in which a lot happens every day, the desire for a clean and timeless design was great. It should be something that is calm, fresh and friendly.

It was a clear challenge and incentive to find, consider our large range of brands, the right corporate identity concept which meets all requirements.

After a lot of attempts later we agreed. This should be our new CI color:

From now on,
UNITED BRANDS corporate color is a beautiful shade of gray,
blue and green
– in the Pantone language,
the so-called

“jade side”.

A clean color that is not
only tranquilizing
to the eye,
but very modern
and at the same time timeless.

“Jadeite or Jade stands for – purity, gentleness and love!”

The new UB logo combined with the new color highlights the present, it is modern, yet restrained in look.

The lively design brought a certain freshness both to our print media and to our online presence. Altogether, the rebranding reflects friendliness and above all open-mindedness, which fits our company mentality. To carry this mentality outward was our goal.

Interview with Manuela Häusser – Women in Leader Positions

manuela haeusser united brands hanau

For women who are in a leadership position in companies or even have their own company, is currently a veritable hype. With the increasing presence of women in high positions, outdated leadership models, in which almost men were the major decision-makers of a company, are being replaced.

It deals with gender quotas, gender pay gaps and general equality of men and women in the job as well as in everyday life.

At UNITED BRANDS, we are very interested in promoting women and giving them exactly the same opportunities as their male counterparts. We are proud from the fact that we have 60% female employees!

For this reason, we are also very proud to have Frau Häusser as one of our managing directors. She is an important confidant for all our employees and acts as a link between the social and the business part of the company.

V & A: As Managing Partner & CHRO, could you briefly tell us what exactly your activities involve?

Manuela Häusser: Sure. I am one of the Executive alongside with my husband René Häusser and our partner Frank Rösner.

My main task is the management and support of our staff. I ensure a pleasant working environment by being the person of trust for our employees and gladly accepting your wishes and problems. This is an important part of a well-functioning company, because if the employees are dissatisfied, the rest does not work.

V & A: You’re right. Would you like to tell us something about your career in the company?

Manuela Häusser: For sure. I started at UNITED BRANDS about 20 years ago. At first, I took on commercial business half-time, and about ten years ago, I made this task a full-time job. Five years ago, I took over the Human Resources Department and it’s still my area of responsibility. At the same time, however, I am involved in all major decisions in the company, my voice is heard and has weight. This is very important to me!

V & A: Is it something that you have learned as a managing director and have translated into your private life?

Manuela Häusser:I’ve definitely learned a lot in terms of people skills. In addition, I see every day how important it is to have the right assertiveness and to be far-sighted. Of course, you transfer something like that to private life.

V & A: Do you have any activity that help you to recover from stressful working days?

Manuela Häusser: Sports. That helps me to keep myself fully fit – Body and Soul. When you physically active you have a completely different energy!

However, I like to do sports with my husband because we both like rowing.

V & A: Are you impress by women in leadership positions from who you take an example?

Manuela Häusser: I am excited about Julia Klöckner, our Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Her eloquence is impressive, she seems to be very authentic, fair and also addresses uncomfortable issues that are often dropped under the table.

Furthermore, Angela Merkel; she is confident, rational and does not always have an easy job. Nevertheless, she is a fighter. I find her style admirable! In general, it impresses me when a woman has a lot of energy, proves assertiveness, is taff and pragmatic!

But most of all I am impressed by my own daughter. She risked a lot when she emigrated to the US alone. Now she has built a life there, started her own business and is now quite successful. It was not always easy, but she mastered it! She is very similar to my husband, an entrepreneurial spirit.

V & A: Do you also see these characteristics among your employees?

Manuela Häusser: Definitely and it’s really great to see how they evolve over time. 60% of our employees are women. I think that’s really great – a great Quote! We have now 2019 and it is sad that you have to deal with quotas, equal rights, etc. at all. It should have been just as normal for woman to be leader as for a man.

V & A: What qualities, in your opinion, do women have in leadership positions that their male counterparts do not have?

Manuela Häusser: I think that women are very empathetic and therefore perhaps fairer, unlike male executives. Moreover, I have also noticed that women are more honest, they more likely to speak out own opinions and views without any understatements.

V & A: Last but not least, what do you recommend to young women who are at the beginning of their professional life or career?

Manuela Häusser: It is important to get out of the comfort zone and have confidence to do what you really want!

You have to stay true to yourself, show commitment, gain a lot of experience and learn from it!

V & A: Thank you very much for the interview, we hope it will be an inspiration for some young women.