Neue Headquarter

MOVING INTO A NEW ERA. At the beginning of 2019, we decided together as a family business that we could be far more successful if we expanded. Another goal was to merge Mplus Handels GmbH into United Brands Online GmbH in order to expand even more strongly into online retail.

In the months from January to March 2021, the entire United Brands moved to the new headquarters after a planning period of almost two years.

From our old location in Hanau city centre and another in Erlensee, we are now united under one roof in the Hanau-Steinheim district. From now on we have space on approx. 350 m² office area and 1600 m² storage area.

Our old locations only allowed us to act and grow to a limited extent due to the lack of space. By merging, we now have an enormous increase in efficiency due to short distances. The departments that are now close to each other also promote team spirit and we are growing even closer together.

During this whole phase, we were accompanied by a film crew. You can see this goosebump spot on our website under WHO WE ARE. Even before our move, we started to create a new corporate identity. This now also fits in with our new company philosophy. We have also reorganised and adapted our corporate structure as part of our move. Now that the Corona pandemic has subsided, we are looking to the future with full power ahead.


We are proud to present ourselves in a modern appearance. Open and ergonomic workplaces, cosy retreats for in-between and large modern communal kitchens accompany us through our everyday working life. More about this in an upcoming blog post…

For us, this move is not just a change in space, but rather new opportunities and possibilities to further expand our success and grow our United Brands family.

The planning for our United Brands store is still in full swing, but you are welcome to stop by and shop. Here you will find the latest collections at special prices. Dive with us into the world of the brands bugatti, Chiemsee, Mano, Klondike 1896, and Traveller.

Please call us shortly beforehand on 06181 3642-300. We look forward to giving you an exclusive shopping experience.

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